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Import/Export Lab

Considerations for Instance Export

When exporting instances and volumes, there are certain limitations and considerations you need to be aware of:

  • Supported Image Formats: You are required to export your instances and volumes in a format that is supported by your virtualization environment. The following formats are supported:

    • Open Virtual Appliance (OVA): This format is compatible with VMware vSphere versions 4, 5, and 6.
    • Virtual Hard Disk (VHD): This format is compatible with Citrix Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization products.
    • Stream-optimized ESX Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK): This format is compatible with VMware ESX and VMware vSphere versions 4, 5, and 6.
  • Limitations on Third-Party Software: Instances containing third-party software provided by AWS cannot be exported. This includes instances like Windows or SQL Server instances, as well as instances created from images in the AWS Marketplace.

  • Encrypted Snapshots and Instance Store Volumes: Instances with encrypted EBS snapshots in the block device mapping or instance store volumes in the block device mapping cannot be exported.

  • EBS Volume Export: You can only export EBS volumes that are specified in the block device mapping. EBS volumes attached after instance launch cannot be exported.

  • AMI Deletion and Export: If you’ve deleted the AMI or the EBS snapshot associated with the AMI, you cannot export an instance launched from an imported image. To resolve this, create a new AMI from the instance and then export the AMI.

  • Multiple Virtual Disks and Network Interfaces: Instances with multiple virtual disks or more than one network interface cannot be exported.

  • Shared Instances: You cannot export an instance from Amazon EC2 if it has been shared from another AWS account.

  • Conversion Task Limit: By default, you cannot have more than 5 conversion tasks per Region in progress simultaneously. However, this limit can be adjusted to a maximum of 20.

  • Volume Size Limit: Exporting VMs with volumes larger than 1 TiB is not supported.

  • Exporting to Encrypted S3 Buckets: You can export a volume to either an unencrypted S3 bucket or to a bucket encrypted using SSE-S3. Exporting to an S3 bucket encrypted using SSE-KMS is not supported.