VMWare Workstation


In this step, you will perform the initialization of a virtual machine on your on-prem virtualization environment. The virtual machine that will be initialized is Ubuntu Desktop.

As part of the exercise, you will deploy virtual machines in a virtualized environment VMWare Workstation on-premise.

Prepare Virtual Machine in Virtualized Environment - VMWare Workstation

Note: To complete this step, you need to install VMWare Workstation Pro. Although the app is paid, you will be allowed to use it for free for the first 30 days.

  1. Install VMWare Workstation Pro from here.

  2. Download the Ubuntu operating system from Ubuntu’s official download page.

  3. Access VMWare Workstation and select Create a New Virtual Machine: VMWare Workstation

  4. At the Welcome to the New Virtual Machine Wizard, select Typical (recommended): VMWare Workstation

  5. In the Guest Operating System Installation section, select the Image file (.iso) of the latest Ubuntu desktop version. You can download this file from the Ubuntu Release page: VMWare Workstation

  6. In the Easy Install Information section, enter Username as awsstudent and set a password: VMWare Workstation

  7. Name the virtual machine Ubuntu in the Name the Virtual Machine section: VMWare Workstation

  8. Specify the disk capacity as 20GB in the Specify Disk Capacity section: VMWare Workstation

  9. Review the parameters and select Finish to proceed with the installation: VMWare Workstation

  10. Complete the Ubuntu installation in VMware: VMWare Workstation

  11. Configure the user settings: VMWare Workstation

  12. After the installation and configuration process is complete, install the OpenSSH Server to connect to this virtual machine via SSH using the following commands:

sudo apt install openssh-server
sudo systemctl start ssh
sudo systemctl enable ssh

 VMWare Workstation

 VMWare Workstation

 VMWare Workstation