Virtual Machine (VM) Import/Export


In this lab, you will practice VM Import/Export, an exercise that builds on the knowledge from previous labs. To do this lab, you need to have AWS CLI and a virtualization environment (VMWare Workstation) installed on your computer.

VM Import/Export

VM Import/Export is a service that allows you to import virtual machines (VMs) from your virtualized environment to Amazon EC2 and vice versa. This feature allows you to migrate applications and infrastructure resources from an on-prem virtualized environment to Amazon EC2, back up your virtual machines to EC2, and create an archive of virtual machines for redundancy and recovery after a crash.

You can use VM Import/Export with no service charges (except for EC2 VMs and S3 Bucket).

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)

AWS S3 is a large data storage service, with an S3 bucket containing many Objects. You can store an object up to 5TB in size, and there is no limit to the number of objects stored in a bucket.